Under the leadership of Chairman & CEO Alex P. Bangcola and through the initiative of Chief Operating Officer/Legal Counsel Imelda Tarhata F. Macarambon, the officers and employees of the Almanah Islamic Bank raised funds out of their own salary to extend sadqah (charitable assistance) to students of Mindanao State University who were stranded inside its campus or areas were its Units are situated due to sudden Declaration State of Health Emergency by President Rodrigo Duterte on March 8, 2020, which placed the entire Nation under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) or Lockdown. Above said officers were top contributors, while all other officers who were receiving RATA, all contributed P500, P150 from employees with SG14-16 without, and P100 from those with SG10-13 positions. The sadqah (donated amount) for food and other basic provision to affected students was handed to MSU Crisis Management Committee on Covid 19 through MSU President Habib W. Macaayong at his Office in MSU Campus, Marawi City, byAIB Branch Head Sittie Haniyah G. Guro and Accountant Nasima T. Abdul Basit on 7 April 2020.