Savings Accounts represent deposits which are evidenced by a passbook and can be withdrawn upon presentation of a properly accomplished withdrawal slip together with the corresponding passbook.

The Bank accepts this type of deposit account from clients who place such deposits for safe-keeping but usually with contingency and accumulation motives under the principle of Wadiah (Safe-Custody). In return for the guarantee to pay the amounts upon receiving notice of withdrawal, the Bank obtains the permission of the customers to use/invest the funds. However, the Bank reserves the right to reward the customers for the use/investment of the funds based on balances, in one way or another, at the Bank’s discretion.

Terms and Conditions


  • 2 valid IDs
  • 2pcs 1x1 Picture
  • Proof of billing (Water/ Electric)
  • TIN Number
  • Initial Deposit 1k

Downloadable Forms

Customer Record Form (CRF)

Application Page