The AAIIBP offers deposit products (savings, current and general investment accounts) for both Peso and Dollar denominated accounts.

The Bank accepts this type of deposit account from clients who place such deposits for safe-keeping but usually with contingency and accumulation motives under the principle of Wadiah (Safe-Custody). In return for the guarantee to pay the amounts upon receiving notice of withdrawal, the Bank obtains the permission of the customers to use/invest the funds. However, the Bank reserves the right to reward the customers for the use/investment of the funds based on balances, in one way or another, at the Bank’s discretion.

Terms and Conditions


  • 2 valid IDs
  • 2pcs 1x1 Picture
  • Proof of billing (Water/ Electric)
  • TIN Number
  • Initial Deposit 1k

Downloadable Forms

Customer Record Form (CRF)

Application Page