43.1. On Institutional Matters:

a. AAIIBP Charter

b. Subsidiaries and Affiliates

c. Government Corporation Information Sheet (GCIS)


43.2. On the Board and Officers:

a. Directors and Officers, and their membership in Board Committees

b. Compensation package of all the board members and officers

c. Information on Board Committees and their Activities

c.1 2018

c.2 2019

d. Attendance Record of Directors in Board and Committee meetings

d.1 2018

d.2 2019


43.3. On Financial and Operational Matters:

a. Audited Financial Report within 30 days from the Receipt of Report

b. Audited Financial Report in the past three (3) years

c. Trial Balance


1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter


1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

d. Corporate Operating Budget




e. Local and Foreign Borrowing

f. Government Subsidiaries and Net Lending

g. All Borrowings Guaranteed by the Government

h. Risk Monitoring, Measurement and Assessment of AAIIBP

k. Performance Evaluation System

k.1 2018

k.2 2019


43.4. On Governance Matters:

a. Charter Statement / MissionVision Statements

b. Performance Scorecards and Strategic Map

b.1 2014

b.2 2015

b.3 2016

b.4 2017

b.5 2018

b.6 2019

b.7 2020

c. Organizational Chart

d. Manual of Corporate Governance

e. CSR Statement

f. Balance Scorecard

f.1 Balance Scorecard



a. Certification of SALN Submission

b. Certification of Compliance on the Citizen's Charter

c. Certification on Internal Quality Audit

d. Certificate of Compliance (Freedom of Information)

e. Certificate of Registration (Data Privacy)

f. Certificate of Compliance (Early Procurement Activities)

g. Certificate of Compliance (Anti Red Tape Authority)

h. Certificate of Compliance (PhilGEPS Posting)



Schedule of Advances to Officers and Employees




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