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In reference to the Invitation to Bid for the Sale of Shares, interested bidders who want to join the pre-bid conference must register by disclosing the information required in the Google Form which can be accessed here:

Once registration is complete, the Secretariat will send an acknowledgement receipt and an invitation to join the video conference using Google Meet on the email address provided by the prospective bidder.

Only registered email addresses shall be allowed to enter the pre-bid conference. In case there will be more than one (1) representative for each prospective bidder, each representative shall fill-out the pre-registration form.

For the guidance and information of all concerned.

Thank you.


Supplemental/BID Bulletin 2022-001- PDF

To consider matters that are out of the control of the interested bidders, the SBAC, upon recommendation of the TWG, have agreed to temporary accept the submission of pre-qualification documents not yet authenticated but subject to the conditions listed below:

  1. Eligibility documents must be notarized by a duly appointed notary public or an officer duly authorized by law of the country to take acknowledgments of instruments or documents in the place where the act is done;
  2. Submission of the receiving copy of transmittal or any proof that documents were received by the appropriate Consular Office or by the appropriate Philippine foreign service establishment/post or the equivalent office having jurisdiction over the foreign bidder’s affairs in the Philippines;
  3. Authenticated Documents must be submitted on or before the deadline for the submission of bids scheduled on May 26, 2022, 12:00PM. Non-submission of authenticated documents shall be a ground for disqualification;

Further, the SBAC maintains the schedule for the deadline for the submission of pre-qualification/eligibility documents on May 16, 2022.

The foregoing shall form as an integral part of the bidding requirements. Any provision in the Bidding Documents inconsistent herewith is hereby amended, modified, and superseded accordingly.

For the guidance and information of all concerned.

Thank you.


Bid Bulletin 2022-003 - Submission of Authenticated Documents for Pre-Qualification - PDF

In view of the questions raised during the pre-bid conference held last 04 May 2022, this Bid Bulletin No. 2022-002 dated 5 May 2022 is being issued to amend and/or clarify several items in the Bidding Documents relative to the Sale of Series “C” Shares. Please refer to the attached document for more information.

For the guidance and information of all concerned.

Thank you.


Supplemental/Bid Bulletin No. 2022-002 for the Sale of Shares - PDF